Most service providers will accept multiple payment methods from their customers. So far, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash have been proven to be some of the best methods to pay for a Seedbox. It is cheaper because extra fees are not imposed; the payment is pretty fast compared to other modes, making the payment will be simple and you have a guaranteed anonymity. Even though Bitcoin payment seems simple to many, most people end up making avoidable mistakes. You will find that the Bitcoin payment comes with a minor fee than can set drawbacks on the payment.  You may send too much, or too little on the payment or end up sending it to the wrong service holder. Sending a refund is an option, but it will cost you even more.  Server providers can eliminate these risks by introducing a payment protocol where you simply copy paste everything into the invoice and make the payments. Invalid payments are not broadcasted to the server’s address.

When you have a server in mind, the torrent client that best suits you and the payment plan, checking out your Bitcoin won’t take too much hard work. Most server providers will indicate a selection of payments where you can chose the convenient method and complete the payment at the checkout. Other simpler methods include, scanning the code from you phone and paying through the computer wallet. This transaction is completed through double checking and confirming the details. You can also choose to copy paste the URL from your Bitcoin and make the payment. For Bitcoin cash option, you follow all the procedures of making payments with the Bitcoin but this time you select the Bitcoin cash mode.  When the payments are processed, the server’s site will show that they have received the payments and your box order is processed immediately.