The multiplayer battle games are getting really popular among the gaming enthusiasts. One game that is now more played is Brawl stars. There are two teams that need to compete in order to win. There are many who are not able to acquire the set number of gems to win the game. For such people, the game makers have introduced certain hacks which can help them in getting more number of gems and winning the game. You can easily get the Brawl Stars kostenlos on your phone and start playing it.

How to get the gems for free?

There are certain websites on which you can log on for getting the gem booster, open them on your mobile phone. As you open the website, you will find a small window on the right or left corner. You are required to enter the username of your character or starthen choose the option given if your mobile is iOS or android. As you are done, click on to the proceed button. On the other page,you will have to make choice for the number of gems you want to generate. The highest is up to 2000 and lowest is 30 gems. Afteryouhave made achoice, click on to Generate. The next procedure will be forthe verification where you will be given a choice to download one among the three different apps.

Once you are done, you will have to download and install the app you have chosen.The very important step comes after downloading that isyou will have to use this app within 30 seconds, otherwise you are not going to receive the gems.This is done to check the authenticity.After all this, you will see that you have received the amountof gems you had chosen earlier. This will help you in proceeding with the game.